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The city of Villarino de los Aires named after a Spanish Noble Duke Deigo Villaran founded in Spain in the 13th century near the border of Portugal. There are several variation of noble surnames as follows: Pedro de Villar, Andres Villar, Deigo de Villaran, Villarin, Villar, and Villarino which are passed on and changed from one generation to the next which was designated by military order by King Charles III of Spain, in the17th century.

Picture taken in 1978

Grandfather: Juan Villarino
Grandmother: Lauriana Mauricio

Father: Joseph Mauricio Villarino Sr.

Mother: Emerita Din Villarino

Son: Joseph Din Villarino Jr.

Daughter: Evelyn Din Villarino

Daughter: Jane May Din Villarino

We can confirm that the city of Villarino de los Aires was founded in the 13th century. It is difficult to find any type of archived records between 1300 and 1700 in the city records. Most records in those times were archived by the church if they found any. This research came from AncestryDNA, personal notes on family names, information from my father back in the late 70s, and the elders of the Villarino Clan in the Philippines who provided more information of their recollection between 1850 and 1904, the year my father was born. We do know that our great-grandfather was a Spanish “Don,” who was an educated upper-class group of Spaniards that lived on the Catanduanes island in 1800. Our cousins Racquel Villarino and Carolyn Villarino were planning to visit the Villarino de los Aires city in the Orense province in Spain until the pandemic came; they are planning to visit the area soon

The current and future matriarch of the Villarino family.

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Our DNA Story of the Villarino Family

City Location in Spain

City of Villarino De los Aires

The Villarino Family Tree

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I'm still researching more details on our crest, and coat of arms on our family history.

In the province of Salamanca and Orense founded in the 13th century.